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Arielle Thomas Newman MA, E-RYT 500
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July / August 2018

Palapa Suuk
CTM (Calle 46) between 5th and 10th Avenues

8:30 - 9:45 am

10:00 - 11:00 am
  Hatha Flow Hatha Yoga
  Hatha Flow Hatha Yoga
  Hatha Flow Hatha Yoga
  Hatha Flow Hatha Yoga
  Hatha Flow  
  Hatha Flow  




Yoga Pricing
1 Class: $15 USD
3 Classes: $40 USD
6 Classes: $66 USD
1 Month Unlimited: $125 USD
Privates available by appointment
Full-Time Playa Residents
First Class Free
1 Class: $100 pesos
8 Classes: $600 pesos
*1 Month Unlimited: $750 pesos

Private Classes with times to fit your schedule!
Please contact Arielle for information

Sign up now for our Spring 2018
Yoga Teacher Training Course!

April 9 - May 5, 2018

Save $180 when you complete payment by February 24, 2018
with Early Bird Rate
200-Hr. Course is Approved by the Yoga Alliance

Contact Arielle for more information.

This 200-hour course meets the Yoga Alliance Requirements for receiving your Registered Yoga Teacher Status: RYT-200 

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Yoga Class Descriptions

Hatha Flow
A multi-level yoga class that combines classic Hatha Yoga with select flow sequences to create a balanced and complete yoga experience. Classes often include a theme such as Balances, Arches or Twists. For participants with some yoga experience.

Yoga for EveryBody® 
A multi-level Hatha Yoga Class. Appropriate for strong beginners and those who prefer a slower paced Hatha Yoga class that will build strength, stretch tight areas, and leave you feeling complete and relaxed.

Hatha Yoga Level 1
A good all-around yoga class class for students who want to learn classic Hatha Yoga postures in a supportive atmosphere. Breathe deeply, strengthen your body, calm your mind, and relax!

Hatha Yoga Level 1-2
This Hatha Yoga class class will make you strong and flexible with an emphasis on standing asanas, twists, core strengthening and balance poses.

Restorative Yoga
Experience the sanctuary of wellness in this gentle form of yoga where blankets and blocks support the body to bring the mind and body into balance.

Vinyasa Yoga
A more vigorous class incorporating sun salutations, balances, and stronger sequencing to provide a good morning work out to get you going in your day!

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga where asanas are held from 45 seconds to three minutes. Benefits include increasing flexibility, calming your mind and nervous system, and turning inward through the slow pace of the class and the focus on your breath.

Slow Yoga
Is life making you feel frazzled? Have you ever wanted to go really slowly in yoga class? This Slow Yoga class is for you! A lot of floor stretching, some Restorative Yoga Poses, a touch of Yin along with some judiciously curated Body Alignment & Strengthening exercises will give you a brand new perspective on Yoga and the capabilities of your own body. Specially designed class by Yoga By The Sea founder, Arielle Thomas Newman.
Private Yoga Class Options

One of the luxuries of being on vacation is having freedom to enjoy life at your own pace. With private Yoga for EveryBody® classes, you choose when to have your yoga class so it naturally flows with your personal vacation rhythm. It’s the ultimate healthgiving treat!

Choose from the following classes to select the one that appeals to you.

Please contact me via e-mail or phone to book your session. A price list is on the following page. A $25 deposit is requested at the time of booking, which can be made via my web site.

Arielle Thomas Newman

”Special thanks to you, Arielle, for the very in-depth, thoughtful and thorough teachings you have given me. It is as if the door to a brand new, spacious room has opened up for me, and I am still exploring all the details in it.” Ellen W., Yoga Teacher, Texas / January, 2009

Custom One-to-One Yoga Class
My most popular private yoga class. All attention is on you, which is what makes this experience so beneficial and enjoyable. If you are new to yoga, I will tailor the class to fit your unique interests and needs. If you are an experienced practitioner or yoga teacher, you will receive informed mentoring on the area of your choice, such as class formatting.

Basic Yoga for EveryBody®
In this session, you will explore key standing and seated Hatha Yoga postures that everybody can do to foster physical well-being, flexibility, and strength. (Great option for family and groups.)

Yoga Flow Class
This class is perfect for those currently in a yoga practice. Continue your yoga and feel great on vacation with this Vinyasa Flow Class that combines Sun Salutations with Warrior Poses, twists, and balance poses. A relaxing Savasana and meditation are included at the end of the

Easy Does It Yoga
Not all yoga is vigorous! Learn restorative yoga postures done on a chair and the floor that enable you to deeply relax. Calm your mind, nurture your body, and boost your core vitality. (No prior yoga experience needed. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.)
Yoga For Golfers
The movements involved in golf uniquely impacts the spine, hips and back. This class will stretch out your chest muscles, increase your range of motion, and stabilize your low back. Positive visualization to improve your game included.
Yoga for Balance
Balance poses require you to focus, connect to your inner core, and find an easy breathing rhythm - the same qualities that are useful in maintaining equilibrium in everyday life. We’ll have fun doing balance poses in a playful manner which promotes self-confidence and increases your ease of movement on and off the yoga mat. (No yoga experience required. Good for groups and families with children).
Yoga For Weddings
Classes to honor the bride and groom, their family and friends. Special Flower Blessing Ceremony and Moon and Sun class. Contact Arielle for details.

All yoga equipment is provided. All Levels of Students Welcome.

Please bring a towel and a bottle of water to class. Men, please wear tee-shirts; women, no perfume please! Classes overlook the Beautiful Caribbean Sea.

To confirm current schedule, please e-mail From month-to-month we rotate and add classes according to the season.


"May your true inner essence shine forth brightly & radiantly!"

Arielle Thomas Newman is an E-RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) with the Yoga Alliance. She has over 20 years of Yoga teaching experience and is Yoga Alliance approved to train teachers at the 200-hour, 500-hour, and Continuing Education level. Currently one of only six such teachers in Mexico! For more information about Yoga Alliance Standards, please view

Arielle holds a MA in dance from UCLA and has written articles on dance and yoga for various publications, including Dance Magazine and The Kansas City Star. She helps yoga teachers clarify their instruction by showing how to gently guide students into correct anatomical alignment in yoga Asanas, resulting in safe and enjoyable cl asses.

Her lyrical Vinyasa Flow classes draw from her study with renowned yoga teachers such as Erich Shiffmann, Judith Lasater, John Friend, and Rodney Yee.

“Teaching in a tropical setting gives me a feeling of spaciousness. Imagine facing the aqua-blue Caribbean Sea as you stand in Mountain Pose. The sun sparkling off the water is an awesome sight - as inspiring as it is powerful. This constantly moving mass of energy invigorates our practice and the sound of the waves promotes tranquility during the relaxation we do at the end of each class.”

Arielle also guest teaches and conducts Yoga Teachers Training sessions in the United States and Mexico. Please contact her for a schedule of classes and upcoming workshops at To call Arielle from the U.S., dial(816) 841-3687.


"It was the best thing I've done for myself in ages."
H. Martin - Oregon

"An awesome yoga experience."
S. Bradley

"Arielle has simply changed my life."
G. Hayes - London

"High level instruction and excellent classes."
C. Chanel - Life Coach

"I have never had such personalized attention!”
Eileen Raftery - NY

“Relaxation, sun, swimming, food, drink, exploring, new friends, and yoga!”
A. Fields - Business Owner


These Yoga workshops are taught in compliance with the standards set forth by the Yoga Alliance®.
Check web site,  for upcoming workshops and retreats.


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